Medevac with the PJ’s

PJ's load injured soldier on to a Pavehawk during medevac
PJ’s load injured soldier on to a Pavehawk during medevac

One of the greatest, most inspirational and courageous groups I have ever trained with were PJ’s. Every thing, every skill, anywhere on earth every different civilian emergency medical and rescue services have to do, the “Jay’s” have to do while being under enemy fire. I have a friend that works in a ¬†PJ equipment shop and another that just ¬†retired after nearly 30 years of service, much of that with the rescue squadron. Each PJ has their own gear for being able to do advanced paramedic skills anywhere on earth from the sides of mountains to glacial cravvasses to raging surf while being shot at with a hundred pounds of gear. All their gear is kept in special lockers that can be loaded on an aircraft and sent anywhere in the world with less than an hours notice. Amazing folks. My friend left on his first deployment this weekend. He has strength of character and is well trained, I have faith I’ll see him on the other side in 6 months.